Three Ways to Get More Manageable Curls

Three Ways to Get More Manageable Curls

Do your curls have a life of their own? You’re not alone! Many of us struggle with unmanageable curls, and it can be difficult to figure out what curly hair products to use to make them look silky, bouncy, and smooth. In this blog, we’ll give you three easy ways to get more manageable curls so you can be looking put-together and beautiful every time you leave the house.


  1. Buy The Right Brush

When brushing your hair, which curly-haired girls don’t do often, you may be inadvertently breaking your hair and running your curl pattern. That’s why you should always buy a brush that’s made for detangling curly hair. A wide-tooth comb is great for getting knots out without creating a bushy mass on top of your head. Follow it up with a serum, like Illicit Hair’s Lavender Frizz Be Gone Serum, and be on your way to a manageable main!


  1. Use a Leave-In Conditioner

After your wash your hair with curly hair shampoo, you want to opt for a product like Illicit Hair’s French Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. Textured hair can become unmanageable when it’s dry and brittle, and a leave-in conditioner helps to add much need moisture and definition. Work the leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair and twist them around your finger to help your strands find their shape.


  1. Pick The Best Curly Hair Products

Sometimes our hair becomes unmanageable because we aren’t picking products that have the necessary ingredients. When purchasing products, check to see if they have argan oil and vitamin E, both of which support healthy hair and scalp. Vitamin E also adds a protective layer to your locks, which can lead to hair growth.


Curly hair takes effort but using Illicits Hair products will help your hair to be more manageable and even more beautiful!

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