The Easiest Way to Minimize Frizz

The Easiest Way to Minimize Frizz

Having wavy or curly hair can be amazing, it can look effortlessly beachy, beautiful, and wild. Unfortunately, it can also look frizzy and unkempt if we don’t have products and techniques to minimize the frizz, especially in certain climates. Here we’ll go over some ways to minimize frizz as well as give you some of the best curly hair products to help.



There are a lot of techniques you can implement into your haircare routine to combat frizz, and many of them start in the shower. Choosing a curly hair shampoo and conditioner that are moisturizing helps to keep the hair slightly weighted down. Also, although many of us know that a cold water hair rinse helps to make our hair shinier, few know that it also helps to fight against frizz!


Once out of the shower, one should always have hair towels that are made with microfibers, because regular towels can damage hair and create unmanageable frizz. If you must brush your hair, you should comb your hair with either a wet brush, wide-tooth comb, or hair pick. Finish by blow-drying your hair with a diffuser and a tool that uses ionic technology.



Having the right curly hair products like serums, sprays, and conditioners is imperative to combat frizzy hair, and Illicit Curls make high-quality products that do just that. Their Lavender Frizz Be Gone Serum is perfect for helping curls lock in moisture and maintain their shape. It’s also helpful for the flyaways that sit near the hairline and crown of the head. Many curly-haired women carry their serum with them in their purses so that throughout the day you can add oil and moisture as needed. 


The easiest way to minimize frizz is by taking the right steps to dry your curly locks as well as using Illicit Hair curly hair products.

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