The Secret to Soft, Curly Hair

The Secret to Soft, Curly Hair

The Secret to Soft, Curly Hair


Do you ever see those commercials for hair products where the models have silk soft curly hair and think ‘that’s impossible!’ Some of us have been wronged so many times by haircare companies we don’t believe it’s attainable, but it is. In this article, we’ll give you the secret to soft, curly hair as well as tell you about one of the best curly hair products in the beauty industry.


Find Companies That Care

The secret to soft curly hair is finding companies that care about the ingredients in their products. Sometimes companies try to save money by adding unnecessary and damaging ingredients that make curly hair less frizzy but also dry out strands and create brittleness and coarseness. Illicit Hair values using organic oils and natural vitamins, like vitamin E to keep hair healthy, which increases its softness.


Purchase The Right Curly Hair Products

Illicit Hair makes a revolutionary product that helps our curls maintain their bounce while keeping them silky and soft. Their Chocolate Leave-In Conditioner is made with organic cocoa, which increases shine and volume at the same time as maintaining its health. Cocoa contains nutrients that befit the health of your hair, which is essential for its softness. The proteins in cocoa give strands strength, while the thiamine gives hair a layer of protection to fight damage. It also contains organic argan oil, which is one of the best ingredients to create softness in hair, as it hydrates as well as enhances the hair’s elasticity. This means when you brush out your curls, making them smooth and soft, the curls will bounce back to their natural curl and won’t lay lifeless on your head. But perhaps the most important ingredient in the Chocolate Leave-In Conditioner is the rose hydrosol because rosewater is known to soften hair from the inside.


Purchase your Chocolate Leave-In Conditioner and get the soft curly hair you’ve always dreamed of!

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